Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rating performance on climate change

A German organization has released their latest "Climate Change Performance Index", evaluating the accomplishments of the 56 top GHG-emitting countries.

The final rankings lie somewhere on the mildly amusing - thoroughly depressing continuum, depending on your nationality, your level of cynicism.

Top marks went to Sweden, the UK, Denmark, Malta (who knew?) and Germany, in order. The US (53rd) and Canada (51st) actually managed to score lower than Iran. It could be worse: we both beat China, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.

Of course, what do you expect when the Environment Minister (in Canada) has the temerity to utter the statement "We're on track to meet all of our obligations under the Kyoto Protocol but not the target". At least admit you failed the test. Don't try to weasel a good grade for penmanship.


Anonymous said...

Well, you should read ministers (Canada's) speech. She is not guilty of the situation Canada finds itself. Given the high level of bias, prejudgment, and plane male patronizing coming from enviro groups, minister performs great.

I like a recent report that Hollywood is only second to energy sector in terms of gg and air pollution. Take that libies.

Anonymous said...

Another view on CO2 emissions study can be found on http://www.1ocean-1climate.com/climate_changes_today.php. You can find there a comparison graph on the emissions of CO2 in 1990, ordered by states. Also, there are some elements highlighted regarding the impact that the ocean and naval war has on climate change.