Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Out of step, out of arguments and out of time"

Say what you will about the effectiveness of the United Nations in recent years, but it was comforting to hear Secretary-General Kofi Annan use such clear language about the science behind climate change:

"This is not science fiction. These are plausible scenarios, based on clear and rigorous scientific modelling. A few diehard skeptics continue trying to sow doubt. They should be seen for what they are: out of step, out of arguments and out of time."

The comments came during a speech about the new "Nairobi Framework", a new UN effort to help nations in Africa and elsewhere in the developing world participate in the Clean Development Mechanism (of the Kyoto Protocol)


Anonymous said...

Discussions continue at discussion club. Nothing will change. CO2 emissions will rise. And climate will be changing as it have been changing always.

Anonymous said...

What is Kyoto Protocol? It is when 128 countries that doing nothing pressure 35 strongest countries to kill themselves trying. Kind of reminds me a Mayan ball game: lets have a game and then kill the winner.

The most logical solution would be lets nuke Africa, Middle East, India, and China. Global Warming solved. People get nice and fast death instead of slow and painful death of starvation, malaria, and drowning from growing see water levels.

Simon Donner said...

Lovely. We may need to flesh out your definition of the word logical.

Perhaps I should be posting a disclaimer (the reader comments do not reflect the views of the host)!

Anonymous said...

Well, the plausible scenario that is in step, there are plenty of nuclear weapons. Out of arguments: 35 countries have tried for 9 years to reduce GG emission. Out of time; the 9 years failure of Kyoto requires radical action: use of nuclear weapons to eradicate Catastrophic Global Climate Change (CGCC) before it happens. Yes, radical action like that would bring some catastrophic results, but as Al Gore points inaction is deadly too.

Anonymous said...

Simon, I find you blog very informative and even a little uplifting (the worst scenarios under global warming are preventable).

So maybe that disclaimer should read: (the above) reader comments do not reflect the views of most readers.

Anonymous said...

Instead on fighting over the views, we should better discuss the real issue. It is obvious that climate change is a real problem that should be taken in consideration. We should first see what caused the climate clange to be so dramatic.

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