Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Open thread on "Dirty Weather"

I'm curious to hear reactions to this year's 24 Hours of Reality multimedia event Dirty Weather, happening live around the world for the next day. It's an honest effort to get people talking about climate change, but it also may rub some the wrong way, something I heard a lot from people last year.

Are you watching (or did you watch)? Is it effective? Boring? Too dramatic? Too cautionary? Or did you not even know it was happening? 

All thoughts are welcome, provided everyone is civil!


Steve Bloom said...

Loved the science project bit at ~7:55 PST.

Steve Bloom said...

Scott's really, really good. They should have had him, and May too, on earlier. The "big guns" panel in the first segment seemed a little uneven.

The musical interlude with Ed Begley was very good also.

In general the show seems to have acquired a better rhythm in the 3rd and 4th hours, which is too bad since much of the East Coast audience is already gone.

Steve Bloom said...

BTW, next time maybe drop the moderation.

Simon Donner said...

Good pts. I've received some private comments. Otherwise, I've not received much feedback on the event. I wonder if it garners a bigger audience overseas, in places where the issue is less politicized, than here in North America.

Jeremy Norton said...
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