Monday, December 26, 2011

The airing of grievances

A large number of folks spent December 24th and 25th writing rather animated responses to the post of our short video on climate change and lake ice. In honour of traditional Festivus "airing of grievances", I've published many of the comments, and will continue to do so, even though in many cases I disagree with the contents, the tone and the writer's choice to remain anonymous.

A number of comments, however, were rejected because they were in extremely poor taste. I try to keep a civilized tone on the blog. Regular readers will know that on the blog and in my professional work I consistently argue that climate scientists should be humble and use civilized tone. I expect the same from commenters. Let's have an adult conversation and not resort to anonymous personal insults.

In light of this episode, there will be no more anonymous comments on Maribo.

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rumleyfips said...

It;s hard to believe that your video could lead to the attacks in the post below. An explanation easily understood by all Canadians seems to have stung the big oil stink tanks.

The attack have all the fingerprints of orchestration. Think of a roomfull of ezras, equiped with talking points and directed to attack your blog by their reactionary masters.

There is an excellent archive of Canadian river freeze thaw dates in the Hudson Bay records. Factors were quite aware of the effect of climnate on their prosperity. Besides, their wine came by canoe.

Climategate silly? Well yes. After I read every one of the first emails, I realised the deniers were lying; every one. The kefuffle did send me to papers and blogs that made me realize that Jones, Mann ( and Donner) are gods that walk among us.

John McManus