Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Does Canada's minister in charge of science question evolution?

This story is just horrifying. Will someone please tell it is a joke?


Anonymous said...

The Gravity comment is so apt.

- We know that evolution happens.
- We know that gravity exists.
- We don't know what gravity is, or why it works.
- We DO know what evolution is, and why is works.

Seems to me that evolutionary theory is more based on graspable facts than gravitational theory...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we're reliving a bad dream that just recently occurred south of the 49th. Reason slowly being eroded from the institutions charged with the task of governing rationally. Elimination of the National Science Advisor, Art Carty and his office, Genome Canada blanked in the 2009 budget, a novice with no medical training as federal health minister, a science minister who doesn't believe in evolution, the pope asserting that condoms are not the answer to AIDS in Africa. At what temperature will people complain about how hot that water has become?

Mizwar Smith said...

great post, thank you!