Monday, December 03, 2007


One important, non-Kiribati related note. Although Maribo remains in the same place in the virtual world, back in the real world, remember that?, I have moved to the University of British Columbia in wonderful and currently rather damp Vancouver.

After several had a several fun, fascinating, educational and smog-choked year in Princeton and the NY/NJ areas, it was time to ditch the work visa. In other words, I remained in the U.S. for almost the entire reign of the climate-challenged Bush Administration, only to return to Canada when the equally climate-challenged Harper government is undermining international negotiations and aiming for a majority in Parliament. Political masochism? Or going where you are needed? You can choose.

Oy, Canada.


John Mashey said...

Well, I lived in NJ for 10 years, and it actually wasn't bad where I was ... but having visited Vancouver many times, and still visiting B.C. several times a year to ski, I know which one I'd prefer.

In case you missed it, the Wall Street Journal carried a straightforward news piece on how Okanagan area wines were improving due to global warming [which I can attest to from firsthand sampling].

So there are at least some benefits to being up there now.

EliRabett said...


BTW the best New World Reislings I have ever tasted come from BC.