Saturday, July 07, 2007

Apparently there's a bunch of big concerts today. You can even sign a pledge.


Jah Jah said...


im gonna say something about this tour.. its cool, awareness... all that good stuff ( plus I should have been invited on that tour) .. the most important thing about what is going on in the world is not being adressed and not specifially in anythiing Mr 8 th wonder Gore has not mentioned..
this is beyond my control but this information that you are being fed is totally slanted.

we are hearing about Carbon Emissions..
yes. agreed.
the slant,
if the earth had more trees on it we would not have a problem BATTLEing
all of the excess Carbon Emissons.. the ebb and flow of nature would aid in the Balance of the Earth. Why are we in trouble? The trees are being chopped down at a rate that the size of New Jersey is being eliminated from a planet on a daily basis . We are not replanting to replenish natures OXYGEN filter!
The BIGGEST corporations in American , Europe, Asia, own portions of our world specifially used for thier industry on a daily basis,
how is this possible in a computer ERA?
Because of the reduction of Rainforests at a rapid rate, the climate is in totaly imbalence, I wont mention any of the weather or catastrophes that are happening so rapidly if CNN showed clips of what was really going on earth ( floods, landslides, disapearing islands) on we would be scared .
IS that money being made from Live Earh going to be used to replant trees
or is that money for researchers to makes great videos and paper worked studies of what our problems are. why are we hearing about carbon emissions? WE ALWAYS had carbon emmissions but now its got no where to go! All thoughout Brazil , the brazilians have no way of eliminating their garbage, so all across this third world country are first world products being burnt ona daily. The toxins in the air are miles thick and yelllow , purple and orange.. my plane flew thru it for like 30 minutes. nastiest shit in the world.
so this is floating from MInas Gerais and Goias to the Rainforest.
Why arent we speaking about the simplest thing in the world to do?
Someting intelligent countries continally do , where is the intelligence? what is the plan for their MONEY? HOw are they going to save us??

IF They planted a tree for every ticket that was purchased at LIVE EARTH .. NOW WE ARE TALKING MAJOR CHANGES!!! I hope that concert is not a vapid spectale!

Simon Donner said...

It is not that simple. Yes, we have always had carbon emissions due to natural processes. The big change since the Industrial Revolution is the burning of fossil fuels -- the rapid release of carbon from a reservoir with an otherwise extremely long residence time. So it's being emitted much much faster than it can be naturally absorbed by the planet. Stopping deforestation and encouraging reforestation is a good idea. But if we continue to release fossil carbon at this rate, planting trees alone cannot solve the problem.