Monday, August 14, 2006

"Mr. Cool"

The weekend edition of the Globe and Mail featured a terrific feature by Charles Montgomery on the shadowy world of Canadian climate "skeptics" like Tim Ball. A must read.


Anonymous said...

For those who would not nuanced enough: My name is not Tim Ball. I will not give my real name for the fear for my career. Mostly publishing scientists paying my salary.

My wife says: get your own blog. I am thinking about doing one: laughing at liberals.

Simon Donner said...

Relax, just a good article from a regular news source. I know that the Winnipeg-based Dr. Ball has not been gracing my site with his presence.

Is that liberals or Liberals? You could probably have a lot of fun with the leadership race.

Anonymous said...

Mostly Liberals. For people who are not from Canada: Liberal party is a party left of Canadian right. The Conservative party of Canada is pretty much equivalent of Democratic party in USA.

On topic. Some of my first year of undergrad proffs did not publish in peer reviewed papers for 20 years or more. In 2002 I have talked to the retired geologist who, upon retiremet became obsessive about climate and weather. He had interesting observation that I would like to investigate more on. Jet contrails. Apparently after 9/11 when jet traffic was halted for couple of days a lot of interesting things were observed continent wide. There are some studies that show that contrails persist when planes fly at night. Effectively creating barriers for IR to radiate out into space.

As an amature, but well read, climatologist. I think that antropologic climate change happens. Take for example a disasters that happen due to the Soviet grandiose plans to change water flow from North to the South. But, most of the problems come from change in the water cycles. I would like to follow latest Chinese exploits.

Well I am off the soap box here

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting article from pseudo right Financial Post (National Post) in responce to this article.

Read both and you will start seeing the spins and propaganda.