Thursday, April 20, 2006

Too hot not to handle

Last night, I went to an advance screening of the global warming documentary "Too hot not to handle". It will be premiering on Saturday (Earth Day) at 7 pm on HBO.

The one-hour film is a good introduction to the causes and the consequences of global warming, and the things that North Americans can do to solve the problem. It is based on interviews with a number of top scientists, including two of my colleagues, Michael Oppenheimer, who brought me to Princeton, and Jon Foley, who put up with me at the University of Wisconsin.

The film is produced by Laurie David, a global warming activist, and the wife of Larry David, the co-creator of "Seinfeld" and star of the HBO show "Curb your Enthusiasm" creator (in which he drives a hybrid Toyota Prius)

Watch if you can! A preview is available online.

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