Friday, March 31, 2006

Opening day

I considered starting a blog about climate issues for a few weeks. This event, at US customs, convinced me it was time.

“What do you study?”

Be calm, remember one wrong word, a customs agent may decide I look a bit Sephardic have me deported to Syria because my ancestors lived there 2000 years ago.

“I’m a climate scientist but I work at the public policy department”

Did I just say that? Way too confusing. What happened to keep it simple, stupid?

“Climate research is important for policy these days.”

Great, now I look too political.

The agent scanned my passport. He looked me in the eye.

Oy. Here we go.

He launched into a tirade about the Bush Administration’s repression of science and failure to address climate change.

You think I’m stupid enough to fall for that? The sign warns against jokes or comments about the government. I got pulled aside once just for rolling my eyes a bit at that picture of the president.

The agent continued for a minute.

Is he serious? Should I respond?

“Forty-three presidents, and he is the absolute worst”

Er, he is. At least smile.

“The worst”, the agent repeated.

To use an analogy from the president's favourite world of pro sports, it seems the coach has lost the team on this, and many others issue. Question is, what do you when the coach has two years left on his contract?


Gatsby said...

Nice post! I've endorsed your site on my blog and will add you to my blog list soon.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I wonder, as this is your first blog entry, will you continue to showcase your anti-American bias vis a vis your use of "u" in favorite and rumor OR is it just the proud manifestation of a lifetime of Margaret Atwood and Artsci influence that has you buying into the "u"?

Anonymous said...

Nice post, Simon! Funny stuff.

Jon F.

Simon Donner said...

I still say 'eh' sometimes too.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if these comments are getting you addedd to some list of suspected terrorists.... oh, now I probably am too.