Thursday, January 17, 2008

The generation that will "solve the problem"

At the bottom of a potentially depressing article about school authorities in Montana canceling a talk by climate scientist and lead IPCC author Steve Running out of fear it would be "one-sided" are two wonderful quotes that capture the message I think we scientists need to be delivering to high school and university students.

The first is from an enlightened student:

“I was insulted as a high school student prepared to enter the world I need to hear both sides of the story,” the student, Kip Barhaugh, 17, said in an interview Tuesday. “I don’t feel there is another side. Global warming is not a controversial issue, it’s a fact. We need to be prepared to deal with it.”

The second is from Running:

“Our generation caused the problem,” he said, “and I want to talk to high schools because they are the generation that will solve the problem. And we can’t solve the problem without a free discussion.”

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Anonymous said...

The UK had a similar problem when the education dept decided every kid should see Al's movie. It was somehow decided that a balanced approach should be given and therefore other material should also be made available. Sorry, can't remember what that was exactly.

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