Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Carbonland continues to shrink

The latest Carbonland vs. States United for Climate map shows more and more states are agreeing to long-term reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Carbonland continued to shrink thanks to Midwestern Regional Greenhouse Gas Accord, which includes Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and the province of Manitoba; an executive order in Florida; and Montana and Utah joining the Western Climate Initiative. Maryland's membership could be solidified any day by a bill before the state legislature.

Nothing has changed on this side of the border. Alberta remains the lone member of Carbonland though one may argue that Ottawa should be considered une île de carbone.

[Update: And, no, this plan won't get Alberta at ticket out of carbonland].

The good news is that, thanks in no small part due to provincial and state pressure, federal legislation in both countries could paint the whole map red. Real federal legislation is inevitable in the US, especially if the Democrats prevail as expected in the fall, and in Canada, especially if the Liberals force an election. Climate change is bound to be a prominent election issue here, so even the emissions intensity loving Conservatives will be forced to propose a real policy that features some type of carbon pricing and possibly even deals with the oil sands.


John Mashey said...

Nice chart, but somehow, your choice of colors...

Anonymous said...

I was going to say exactly the same thing as John. Love the chart concept but was confused by the colours, expecting green to represent progress.

Good idea though; shows change is a happenin' in Can-USA.

The Coffee House

Simon Donner said...

Fair point about the colours. The original map was a twist on the popular Jesusland vs. the United States of Canada map that did the e-mail rounds after the '04 US election, so it used the same colour scheme.