Wednesday, May 17, 2006

More Gore

There's a lot I could write about today. The post-Kyoto negotiations in Bonn, Germany. The ongoing mess that is Canadian climate policy. The data showing ice cover in the Arctic was an all-time (winter) low this past winter, signalling a possible acceleration of polar melting. The new science, closely related to my own work, about the impact of climate-induced "bleaching" on coral reef health.

For something more uplfiting, I suggest you watch this hilarious video of Al Gore's surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live (on May 13).

Gore's film about climate change, An Inconvenient Truth, comes out nation-wide next week. With gas prices soaring, the Bush Administration's approval rating sinking, and news of climate change filling the news more and more, the film and Gore himself will cause a very big stir.

Many editorial writers of late have dipped into their pop culture dictionary and declared the climate is at the "tipping point". Maybe this is wishful thinking, but I wonder if the release of Gore's film will be the "tipping point" for action on climate change in the US.

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