Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Good news, bad news in Canada

The opposition parties in Canada are joining forces on a resolution demanding the Conservative government develop a plan to meet Canada's commitments to the Kyoto Protocol, as reported in the Globe and Mail this morning. The Globe article mentions that "criticism over Canada's position on Kyoto dominated Question Period" yesterday.

Good timing. The government just cut the EnerGuide for Houses program, another popular, successful and cheap program aimed to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions. Read about it here. Cancelling EnerGuide for Houses is possibly even more foolish than cancelling the One Tonne Challenge.

Hopefully, the opposition parties will be able stop the government from abandoning the efforts to reduce emissions and enacting a 'Made-in-Canada' plan like that I described in Monday's Toronto Star. Your input can help on this too. Write or call your local MP to show support.

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