Monday, August 06, 2007

US Energy Bill passes, for now

The US Congress passed the broad and controversial Energy Bill on Saturday. President Bush has threatened to veto the bill over the cuts in oil subsidies and the 15% renewable portfolio standard (RPS) for utilities.

The utilities' anti-RPS argument is that renewable energy potential is low in some parts around the country. It has caught on with the media. As CNN puts it:

Utilities in Southeast and Midwest states that lack wind currents needed to justify new wind turbines would have to pay billions of dollars in penalties to comply with the rules.

Yes, wind energy potential varies geographically. The South would be at a disadvantage if wind were the only form of renewable energy available. The midwest, however, should have some of the highest wind energy potential in the country. And as long as the planet is receiving energy from the sun, there will be at least some wind currents everywhere.

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