Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Canadian government forced to review climate policy

From the CBC:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has agreed to send the government's Clean Air Act to a special committee for review following a threat by Jack Layton to topple the government over the issue.

The bill, which all opposition parties had said they would vote against, will now go through the unusual step of being reviewed by an all-party committee before second reading.

'Our real goal here is to get some results,' says NDP Leader Jack Layton. At the committee, it's expected to be overhauled by critics who say it doesn't do enough to slow climate change.

In English: The Canadian PM leads a minority government. The leader of a pro-environment opposition party threatened to put a "no-confidence" motion before the Parliament (about the clean air act). In that case, were the government loses the vote (the opposition parties all vote against the government, there would have to be an election.

It is , as a Liberal party claims, a "stunt" by the NDP leader. However, it could at least lead to some reform in a tooth-less policy.

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tim said...

Ha Ha ha pro-environment NDP party ha ha ha.

A party stuck in 1950. This is a socialist party that don't know what they are doing. This move effectively throws Kyoto out with the trush. Here is a good way for conservatives to pass the bill as it stands and put a blame on opposition.

Harper all the way.