Thursday, June 08, 2006

Recycling tips

The incredibly useful article "How to Recycle Practically Anything: Old Myths are Shattering and New Options Come Online" in the May/ June issue of E! The Environment Magazine begins like this:

Don't throw away those exercise videos and ubiquitous AOL CDs. Jim Williams wants you to mail old videotapes and CDs to him, so that more than 40 disabled staffers at his ACT Recycling in Columbia, Missouri can recycle them. And, oh, don't toss out those used Fed-Ex envelopes or broken smoke detectors; their manufacturers take them back for recycling.

Read the article online. Afterwards, I bet you'll decide to tack a copy to the fridge.


Vaishali said...

Thanks Simon for posting this very useful article! Many suggestions are truly practical and make sense. But I do not agree with the note about the demand in developing countries like India and China helping the recycling mission. I am afraid that developing countries and other poor countries are also becoming dumping grounds for used materials from the west causing many environmental and health problems. Have a look at these

So I suppose we should be watchful of what we consume in the first place so that we produce less waste. Want to know the top 10 trash producers, go to

Anonymous said...

Another recycling suggestion:

Now that temperatures are dropping faster than the leaves, its time to switch out our closets.
Soooo, as you pull out those old, favorite wool and cashmere sweaters, if you see any that have holes
in them, send them our way.

We're not asking for good sweaters - give those to homeless shelters or resale shops - we just want
your hole-y, damaged, shrunken sweaters. We are going to recycle them into rugs, but don't want
to take good sweaters away from people that need them.

Please send sweaters to:
Wool Sweaters
PO Box 2603
Glen Burnie, Maryland 21060-2603
United States

Thank you for your donation!